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Chinese and other eastern cultures have been using acupuncture in the treatment and prevention of illness, to manage pain and maintain good health. Until recently, this common practice in China has been relatively obscure in the Western world.

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Understanding HIV From a Chinese Perspective Misha Cohen

Through clinical observation and treatment of thousands of people with HIV and AIDS, clinical evaluation of the tongues of over 600 people with HIV infection and/or AIDS, and the use of pulse diagnosis, I have come to understand that HIV infection is triggered by Toxic Heat, and initially attacks the Spleen and Stomach Organ Systems. They are the central organs involved in this complex syndrome and must be supported throughout the entire course of the disease even when the HIV-related disharmonies expand to involve all the other organ systems as well.

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Did You Know?

Children can receive acupuncture, and often have excellent results with this respected treatment.

In cases where children are uneasy about the needles, a practitioner may choose to use an acupressure treatment, involving massage of the acupoints, versus the placement of needles within them.


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